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New Concept of Postpartum Dietary Nutrition

The first 30 days after postpartum is the golden time for mommies to adjust and conditioning their physique. Due to modern people’s eating habits, we often over consume and over nutrition, thus we chose to let professional nutritionist to design mommy’s postpartum menu, make special focus on food balancing and correct nutrition catering. We outbreak the common image of traditional medicinal food conditioning, by adding western elements, integrate traditional and news nutrition study, to provide more appropriate nutrition needs for postpartum moms. Base on the concept of “Medicine and Food Homology”, postpartum moms dietary will not be limited to just traditional Chinese medicinal food, but the options are widen to more international aspect, more diversity of cooking method. With different method of conditioning food, we enhance to help postpartum moms to recover energy sooner. Meanwhile, we insist the food to be light, less sugar, less oil, and less salt, to decrease the burden to body.


Within week one of natural delivery and within two weeks of caesarean section, parturient just delivered and weak, therefore it is not great to hurry and supplement too much. With the given situation, just follow light dietary and metabolism conditioning. Choose ingredients that are easier to absorb and digest, and cooking method too, to avoid burden.
Conditioning Focus: Metabolism; Digestion; increase supplement of iron
●Ingredients help metabolism: Cauliflower, whole grains, etc.
●Ingredients help supple iron: red beans, spinach, red phoenix, red meat, liver, etc.
※Tips: Iron contributes to the formation of normal red blood cells. It is an important component of heme and myoglobin, and contributes to the transportation and utilization of oxygen.


After phase one conditioning, postpartum mom’s body functions are somehow recovered. This phase more focused on helping breast feed nutrition needs, conditioning maternal physique, and strengthen vitality, with the ingredients that can help body to maintain good status from within.
Conditioning Focuses on help lactation, improve calcium intake, and nourishes energy.
●Ingredients help lactation: pork feet, peanuts, papaya, and broth
● Ingredients help improve calcium intake: dried small fish, black sesame seeds, kale, soybeans
●Ingredients help improve nourishes energy: sesame seed oil
※ Tips: Calcium helps maintain the development and health of bones and teeth, helps blood clotting, and helps normal muscle and heart contraction, and nerve sensitivity.

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